Monday, 30 January 2017

Three Tips to Find a Property Management Company in Ontario

The Brantford property market is red hot, with investors rushing in to scoop up rental properties with the promise of fantastic returns on investments. Being a landlord can be difficult and if you don’t have prior experience, you may want to look at property management companies in Ontario for some professional assistance.

Finding Good Deal

First up, you will want to know how much they charge for managing properties and what services are included. Most companies charge anything from 5% to 20% of rental value to be paid on monthly basis and it’s important to find a service provider who offers a good balance between fees and services. Reputed Ontario property management companies offer flexible solutions and an easy to understand cost structure.

Select Responsive Company

It’s important to see how responsive a property management company is to your queries and your tenant’s maintenance or repair requests. Choose a company renowned for prompt and frequent communication and one that seeks landlord’s approval for all property related decisions. Reliable companies provide periodic finance reports so clients are always up to date with the performance of their properties and can exercise complete control. Find out if the company provides after hours tenant services in case of emergency issues.

Tenant Screening Services

Good property management companies have plans in place to help clients choose right tenants. They conduct extensive credit checks and background checks as part of their screening process to ensure a prospect is a right fit for the property. They use diverse advertising channels such as print ads, online listings and outdoor signage to find prospective tenants quickly and efficiently.
If you’re ready for interviewing, set up meetings with reliable service providers and see which one best fit for your needs.